Aetherscale Enterprises

AE is an Ul'dah-based business enterprise that manages and scouts trade routes, moves goods from markets across Eorzea, invests in businesses and manages those it acquires.

   It creates a business front for three activities:
   ◙ neighborhood activism, promotion of the fine arts, and buffering against corruption;
   ◙ confidential intelligence contracting for the Eorzean Allliance; and
   ◙ confidential extralegal and legal liberation of slaves.

   There are opportunities to join the enterprise in each facet.


Most of AE's resources are spent on maintaining its trade routes across Eorzea, and flipping commodities on the market. Founder Lucas Rajan directs daily trade operations with aid from his hand, R'adevh, and personal assistant, C'reva Zolwe. Veata Aydelotte manages affairs in The Black Shroud.

   AE's recent major ventures include organizing the Firmament Restoration Initiative, the construction of a Saltpeter mine in Eastern Thanalan to aid the Eorzean Alliance, and the construction of a stone mill in Gyr Abania to aid in reconstruction.

   Other business ventures include:
   ◙ The Caravanserai
   ◙ Sprouts, a coffee shop
   ◙ The King's Yellow, Lucas' personal alchemy practice
   ◙ The Moonlit Oasis, an arts venue, lounge and gambling parlor managed by The Desert Dahlia, one of Ul'dah's brightest stars
   ◙ Melborne's Meats, a butcher's shop
   ◙ The Night Market at The Caravanserai, managed by C'reva Zolwe

   In Ul'dah, the enterprise invests money earned into artists, dancers, actors and others who pursue the fine arts in the form of sponsorships. Small loans help local businesses make ends meet or keep debtors out of prison. Such efforts are small now, perhaps even too little, but with enough time perhaps the arts can flourish. Perhaps with enough effort fewer people will be victim to gangs, corrupted officials and the like.


AE has room for plenty of people. But here are a few examples:

◙ Prospective business owners, artisans, artists, performers, smiths, laborers, runners, caravan drivers, dancers, workers, and more in need of a place to call home
◙ Mercenaries, guards, former soldiers, gladiators and other disciples of war and magic in need of steady work
◙ Researchers in need of a patron


AE has an understanding with a few Immortal Flames officers and what appears to be a decent relationship with an officer of the Sanguine Sirens. But for the most part its work for the Eorzean Alliance is executed through commands from The Order of the Twin Adder.

   AE provides domestic information gathering and counterintelligence for the Alliance, takes care of threats its armies are too busy to tackle, and contracts for wetwork.

   Recently completed duties include:
   ◙ bringing down a Garlean arms dealer involved in human experimentation
   ◙ exposing a spy ring that was blackmailing Eorzean officials and businesses;
   ◙ ending the schemes of a mad scientist in Ul'dah;
   ◙ dismantling a sect of the Lambs of Dalamud for the Immortal Flames;
   ◙ rescuing a trove of cultural artifacts for Ala Mhigo;
   ◙ laying waste to a Garlean castrum in Ilsabard and stealing codes for the Twin Adders; and
   ◙ rescuing Garlean conscripts the Adders needed the expertise of on the front lines.


AE has room for plenty of people. But here are a few examples:

◙ Trained confidence men and women, spies, scouts and informants
◙ Former Grand Company enlistees looking for a change of pace
◙ Former pickpockets, thieves, burglars, and others looking for a better route


Liberty is the most sacred goal of AE, though it may rarely if ever mention it. In some lands, including Ul'dah, there is legal slavery. The coliseum is a cultural cornerstone, as is the Order of Nald'thal, which wields the power of the law. To make a public stance in some affairs is to make enemies in a city state yet split between monetarists and sultansworn.

   AE is not powerful enough to weather the enemies it could make if it made all of its affairs public. But much of its efforts are directed to the liberation of slaves.

   So, for now, the mission is carried out in secret. For now, the mission often follows work dismantling the systems of oppression Garlemald has put into place. After all, who would complain about AE supporting Eorzea?

   Hidden deeper still in the heart of Lucas Rajan is a desire for a new Ul'dah without The Syndicate. But such desires are dreams now. Even if he was powerful enough to act — and he is not — Eorzea's extension of soft power cannot be threatened in a world at war.

   But the world is changing and AE wants to help. Careful support is offered to the House of Commons in Ishgard. Bold support is offered to Ala Mhigo's restoration. After all, it's only natural to want to trade with a rebuilding nation. And of course the world is full of refugees to aid.

Hook ideas

AE has room for plenty of people. But here are a few examples:

◙ Supporters of Ishgard's House of commons, Ala Mhigan or Doman librators, diplomats, or political aspirants
◙ Sultansworn savvy enough for the long game, or who can learn to be
◙ Refugees
◙ Former slaves
◙ Heroes

OOC details

Hi! It's me, Lucas, but I'm OOC.

Aetherscale Enterprises is a fairly relaxed group of roleplayers of various styles. Membership in the in-game FC is not required to be employed by or part of AE, but it is certainly available.

The group is LGBT+ friendly and I have a zero tolerance policy for bigotry toward persons, religions, nationalities and so on with a small amount of wiggle room for hapless ignorance. Membership is 21+ only.

We do not actively recruit, but welcome people who take the time to RP with us. Ultimately, we want people to join in an organic manner, which we can of course help facilitate!

Reach out to me on Discord at MithrilDM#6221 or in game on Lucas Rajan.